Content Writing & Marketing

Content Marketing builds communities,inspires engagement and increases ranking via creation and sharing of high quality ,problem-solving relevant information,aiming to satisfy business objectives

Topics covered include:

  • What is Content?

  • Importance of Content

  • Introduction to the Different Types of Content

  • Why do you Need to Start as a Content Writer

  • How TO write Compelling and provocative Content

  • Tips and tricks to write compelling content

  • Brainstroming Content Ideas

  • Overcoming content marketing barriers

  • Keyword and Content Reserch Tools

  • Magnetizing the content

  • Top Content Marketing Examples

  • Using the right template

  • Promoting content in social media

  • Understanding Online Influencers

  • Content for Search Engines

  • Plagiarism Cheackers

  • Content Writing Team Management for Clients

  • Content Writing for Blog & Articles

  • Content Genration Network

  • How to Grab Projects as a Content Writer?

  • Freelancing for Content Writers