Website Planning

This module will help you understand the best practices for website design and user experience creation across industries. After designing, you implement your design practically and build your own website on Word Press, Which is a website building platform consisting of predefined themes. Luckily, no coding required!
Then you will be designing your website blueprint on the paper to make it an eye catcher in terms of user friendliness and navigation, just like professionals do. And Finally, with your blueprint ready half of the work is done.

Topics covered include:

  • Website planning & conceptualization

  • Understanding websites

  • What are domains?

  • Domain names and domain extensions

  • Register domain

  • Web hosting

  • Adding domain Name to web Server

  • Adding webpages and content

  • SEO Site Map

  • Adding plugins

  • Integrating web performence and functionality

  • Contemporary website designing

  • Different types of websites

  • Best and Worst Examples

  • Top tools to evaluating