Online Display Advertising

The Digital Display Advertising module equips you with the skills and knowledge to implement and mange effective digital display campaigns. The module covers the core concepts and terminology associated with digital display advertising, and explores what is envolved in developing and managing effective ad campaigns.
You will develop a comrehensive understanding of the creation and deployment of digital display advertising, learning about the wide range of ad display formats and how to select the most appropriate ad format for your compaign target audience.

Topics covered include:

  • Key Digital Display Concepts

  • Ad Formats

  • Ad Features

  • Targeting

  • Benefits of Digital Display

  • Ad Display Frequency

  • Tracking your Campaign

  • campaign Planning

  • Optimizing thye Campaign

  • Challenges of Digital

  • Campaign Steps

  • Target Audience

  • Buisness Value

  • Campaign Objectives

  • Running Effective Ads

  • Campaign Budget

  • Shopping Advertising

  • Video Campaign