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SoftDigits’s Professional Services helps global professional services companies manage these challenges while driving efficiency and improving service levels with the help of SoftDigits’s IT services in various technologies.

Web Development

A webpage could be created for professional or personal use. Web development is done by using different languages such as HTML,CSS, JavaScript, Wordpress, Joomla etc.

Web Design Services

A website should not just draw attention. The role of a website is to attract and engage user, as well as communicate your brand and raise awareness about a product or service.

Content Writing

Content writing is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. We ensure high quality standards through a rigorous recruitment process and ongoing evaluation of their work.

Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is the method wherein there is a visual communication of ideas and thoughts by combining and creating symbols, words, and images.

Digital Marketing

There are millions of websites accepting advertisements, but finding the best sites for your brand and managing the placements requires experience and expertise.

Mobile Apps

All the companies are now building their mobile applications so users can check their applications on their phone. We develop mobile applications of any sort; android, iOS or windows phone apps.

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SoftDigits Technologies

SoftDigits Technologies was set up in the year 2014, which specializes in Content writing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Video Editing, eBooks Cover Design, Internet Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Other Social Networking Websites) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a business with simple amount of flexibility. We never allow you to give less focus than you have earned, or pay more than you require. It's independently financed, don't rely on venture capital and work on a base that is constantly profitable, so can keep increase and all businesses together with the present sales. Our objective being "complete customer satisfaction" which makes us a people oriented firm, wherein we work not business to Business but person-to-person.

We Offer professional web solutions like web hosting, web application development, website Design. We're leaders in Web solutions since last two years based at Delhi city of India. In addition, we supply redesigning of website and inclusion of more features like Ecommerce, payment gateways, to the present sites.

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Shubhangi Maheshwari Our CEO

Shubhangi Maheshwari

Chief Executive Officer

I love collaborating with focused corporate leaders who know where they’re going-Shubhangi

Nishant Pal Managing Director

Nishant Pal

Managing Director

I help businesses and individuals build and promote lasting brands-Nishant

Neeraj Vijayvargiya

Chief Marketing Officer

I help companies find solutions in Digital Marketing domain- Neeraj


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Antique Jewelry- Reasons to Purchase This Unique Type of Jewelry

February 26, 2016 in Jewelry
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There are lots of several types of jewelry pieces available to accessory lovers nowadays. For those who want to dress up a daytime outfit, casual jewelry could be a way. On the other hand, individuals that are going out for a fancy night on the town may wish to wear something with extravagance and a little bit more flair. Antique jewelry is one type of accessory that has a fan base all its own. Some jewelry connoisseurs find that classic jewelry holds the most appeal for them for some reasons. This type of accessory has been passed down from generation to generation in many instances and would have the world to tell if it was in a position to place its past into words. Not only do some classic jewelry lovers would like to wear the piece of history on their person. However, they also love researching its origin and finding out more about its historic background. Design of the Piece Suits the Individual Others who purchase this form of an item often like to achieve this for the sheer reason that it suits their individual style. Many people have an antique flair about them as accessorize, and they desire to dress in a design concomitant using the past. Whether it's an antique pin or century-old necklace, the item that is antique might go together with the attire which the individual chooses to wear on a daily basis. Finding a jewelry thing which coincides with the overall look of one is just another reason classic jewelry is sought after. Beautiful Craftsmanship of Antique Jewelry It's often said that they only don't make things these days in the same long-lasting, exquisite fashion as they did in the previous decades and centuries. This applies to a variety of things yet can be said to apply to antique jewellery as well. The way in which these types of pieces were crafted not only presents a beautiful finished product, but it's one which will endure the test of time. Antique Jewelry as an Investment Antique jewelry can also be purchased by some as a type of investment. Investing in the historical value of antique jewelry might be a sensible choice for particular people to make. Even if the jewelry isn't going to be worn; it is still going to have a value. Purpose of purchasing this antique Indian is another mentioned reason why people buy it.

Why Conduct SEO Analysis?

February 26, 2016 in Technologies
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SEO is the backbone of all advertising efforts online. You have a web site and need to invest in search engine optimization if you operate a small business. It is impossible to rate and assemble traffic that is great without employing Search Engine Optimization strategies. When using such strategies, in addition, you need to be conscious of your adversaries. It is not possible to devise a successful strategy if you do not be aware of what the rest are doing. See and you need to check what your opponents are doing to come up with something. You have to carry out a Search Engine Optimization analysis to understand what SEO techniques they've been employing. It's inescapable for success, although some view it as boring. In fact, you should run an in-depth and funded investigation as soon as you see the advantages it can give you. Read on to find out more about SEO evaluation. Prior to SEO Analysis You will need to remember several matters that are important when consenting to a SEO analysis. You've got to organize your own personal website to be monitored by the analytics correctly. It's not possible to check and assess the Search Engine Optimization metrics of your competitors in the event that you Can’t measure your own. By setting your site 's analytics, you are given an excellent chance to create the standards. Variables you must trail or a few significant advices include: - Page by page per month - Inbound links conversion rates Many SEO experts also advocate setting up before analyzing any challenger pages, or carrying out a keyword research campaign. The idea of SEO is key words. They may be essential building blocks. You need to choose the best key words for the strategy to work. This does not mean you need to work with the keywords you see automatically. Having an idea what your competitors use is a great foundation to your own keyword research. You must select competitions to conduct a trusted free SEO analysis along with a competitor analysis. Some businesses find this simple to do while others do not, particularly when they feature an extensive selection of products or services. Folks interpret the word "competitor" differently. Some think their direct competitors is businesses or those firms in their region.

Understanding Responsive Design and Its Benefits to Your Business

February 26, 2016 in Technologies
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Every business will find having a website is compulsory using the world as it is, being as wired. But, the idea of needing to create a web site to be used using a computer, then redesign this site to be used with other mobile devices as well as Android cellphones can cause a company going through financial issues or simply locating the design of multiple websites to be overly stressful. There is an innovative and new manner by which companies can get the best of all worlds when it comes to their website. That is via using reactive design. Design that is responsive is the ability to possess the company’s website assembled by one web designer where the design will soon be compatible with all apparatus. The usage of design that is reactive is a relatively new notion this is the way the future of web design is going to go. The basis for this is the tremendous benefits it offers businesses. The primary benefit is the time that will be saved through using the design that is reactive. In creating a web site which is perfect in all manners, using the added time the company will face, they can spend additional time. Additionally, it means less money a business is paying to their web designer because using a design that is responsive does use less time. In a market by which businesses are being forced out each day due to adversities, saving cash is the way in which businesses prosper and survive in the market. Using responsive design will enable one price for a web design that may go across the board regarding which this can be utilized by apparatus and find a completely functional site to browse. Finally, the company is going to have the added benefit of being one of the primary companies in their region to utilize responsive design. Every web designer has not fully adopted the reactive design technique out there. The explanation for this varies; nevertheless, it'll be the website design technique of the long run. For companies who already utilize this for their site, they are ahead of the curve in comparison with their competitors. Together with using the responsive design technique, businesses are going to have less time committed for their site, yet may have a create internet page | create website that is completely aimed towards the satisfaction of the buyer. This sets the company securely in the consumer’s head as a company to work with when consumers can utilize a website no matter where they are nor the type of device they are using.

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